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Inviting you to be part of the change

Welcome to Art Ignites Change, a podcast by Mural Arts Philadelphia. 

11选5数字组合稳赚不赔This podcast explores the history and future of public art in Philadelphia, and around the world. We’ll be looking at public art projects and programs from current and historical perspectives to build a greater understanding of the transformative power of creativity.

Art Ignites Change has been the mantra of Mural Arts Philadelphia for the last 35 years. With this podcast, we invite you to join us in being part of that change!

Episode 1: Public Art in the Pandemic 

In our first episode, arts advocate Conrad Benner interviews Mural Arts’ Founder and Executive Director Jane Golden to discuss the future of public art in the wake of COVID-19.


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The Art Ignites Change podcast is produced by Conrad Benner. Our sound editor is Mike Mihalick.

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